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CRM Consulting

CRM Consulting
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CRM Consulting

Even before an organization starts CRM evaluation  CRM Consulting model provided by  Virtuos Solutions enables an organisation is to understand whether they are even ready to deploy a CRM System. To ensure a CRM implementation is successful it is imperative for the company to understand:

  • Current business process
  • Strengths and Weakness of the process

As a CRM Consulting partner we help the organization to:

  • Create a blue print of an ideal process
  • Identify the gaps between current and ideal process
  • Work to bridge the gap
  • Implement the optimized process
  • Select and implement the best fit solution

As part of our consulting exercise we also study the nature of business, customers the organization and also study elements like:

  • Business type - B2B or B2C
  • The current sales, marketing and service process
  • Nature of the company's customers there buying patterns and purchase cycles
  • Customer relationship with multiple departments and its impact
  • Pain points and challenges in the current process
  • Feasibility of automation of a process

Our CRM Consultants study current processes by holding departmental interviews which assist in analysing business practices and pin down the need of a CRM system. This approach ensures the implementation of an apt solution as and when required.

Post completion of the CRM Consulting exercise we come out with a report detailing on our findings and clearly stating the need of implementing a CRM solution. The report also mentions a detailed approach of implementing a CRM across the function of sales, marketing and service.

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