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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM
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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM Software Solutions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry & More

For competing effectively mobile devices such as BlackBerry®, iPhone™, Google Android™, Windows Mobile®, Nokia®, Palm® and other popular smartphones are increasingly in use. Maximizer Mobile CRM which includes CRM for BlackBerry, CRM for iPhone, CRM for Google Android, CRM for Windows Mobile and CRM for Nokia (Symbian OS) can help you move from simply reading and responding to mails to a level where one can manage the customers proactively and earn more deals. The unavailability of a laptop or an internet connection can hinder your mobile staff's performance due to the difficulty in retrieving the latest status of a customer, latest proposal or notes made for the prospects at the right time.

The Advantage of Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM software gives you're staff the ability to access accounts, sales deals, service cases and schedules even while they are on the move and provides you with an edge over your competitors. Thus, with Mobile CRM there is no need to dig through the account notes or wait for a laptop to boot up before making a sales deal.

  • Provides you with a winning edge over your competitors
  • The all-time access to customer database enhances the productivity by reducing staff downtime
  • An up-to-date review of customer details before a meet helps build customer relations
  • Reduced time of office administration enhances customer face time
  • Real time updates help increase the accuracy of a sales forecast
  • An easy to use interface increases the probability of a sales rep updating the customer information resulting in increased CRM data accuracy

What's New in Mobile CRM Software Solutions

What's new in Maximizer Mobile CRM

  • Blackberry smartphones including the Storm™ and Tour™ can be supported using MaxMobile
  • Real time access to the complete Maximizer CRM database with the smartphone
  • The multi-user support offered by Mobile CRM helps you collate all the available opportunities, task assignment
  • Remote productivity is increased as it supports document viewing, editing and construction
  • Mobile CRM enhances the amount of communication and information records as it supports video, voice and image capturing and saving
  • Maximizer CRM has the ability to save Blackberry emails
  • Wi-FI support reduces data charges
  • It can help you plan your appointments for the day by mapping customers to Blackberry GPS and maps for all directions

Mobile CRM for BlackBerry

The growing mobility of workforce has increased the need to implement Mobile CRM so that the sales downtime is reduced and customer face time increased, resulting in greater number of successful business deals even while your team members are on road. The capabilities of Maximizer Mobile CRM help you do more than just emailing and scheduling, it helps you access and update the available sales opportunities, forecasts, customer cases, documents and notes. Many options are available for today's smartphones and other mobile devices, including MaxMobile for BlackBerry® smartphones with Maximizer Mobile CRM.

BlackBerry CRM

MaxMobile 11 for BlackBerry:

Use MaxMobile to create customer relationships and build loyalty. The field sales and service staff are endowed with the ability to access and update their respective accounts, notes, leads and sales opportunities due to the real-time wireless access to the complete Maximizer CRM database.

  • Maximizer CRM database can be quickly and easily accessed using Blackberry
  • Easy installation and deployment of MaxMobile wirelessly on latest Blackberry devices with a prompt and simple email push feature
  • An appropriate and action-oriented workspace can be used to collate all the customer communications
  • Real time dashboards and reports on the Blackberry can help you track the status of your business and the team's performance, making decisions in time frames that drive revenue
  • Real time connection with Maximizer CRM database can help you access and update contacts
  • Lead status, forecasted revenue and details of an opportunity can be updated instantly from the field
  • Team members can collaborate while on road and assign tasks, apprise sales opportunities and accelerate service case resolution irrespective of the place they are at
  • Your smartphone can be used to log incoming and outgoing calls to the Maximizer CRM client record
  • Blackberry emails, address book and phone records can be organized under Blackberry contact manager to create new contacts, sales opportunities and cases
  • The level of database — videos, voice and image — can be enhanced with Maximizer CRM
  • Using Blackberry GPS you can plan all your appointments for the day
  • NDAs, brochures, quotes and other documents can be sent to all your customers and prospects by tapping onto the valuable corporate resources through the Company Library
  • The ability to view, create and edit documents on your Blackberry improves your productivity even when you are in the field
  • Free Wi-Fi hotspots can be used, reducing data charges
  • On purchase of Maximizer CRM you get MaxMobile for Blackberry included in the package

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