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Why Use Maximizer CRM (On-Premise)?

For small and mid-sized businesses and certain segments of large corporations, Maximizer CRM  Solution has been the preferred software solution for past 20 years. The accessibility and adaptability of Maximizer CRM Solution not only adds fuel to your business but also provides superlative value to your business in the market. Simple and easy to use it enables you to do a lot by providing instant access to the central database which contains the entire details of communication with the customers or prospects. The All Access licensing feature of Maximizer helps your customer facing team’s access the customer database anywhere anytime using a mobile device, Web or Windows desktop.

It helps you focus on your customers which are the most important part of your business by sharing the customer information throughout the sales, marketing and customer service cycle, thus enhancing the efficiency and productivity of all your employees.

Configuring the Maximizer CRM  Solution according to the specific needs of your business is an easy task and provides your managers and executives with dashboards and reports to help get an insight into the businesses performance.

  • It is easy to install, organize, learn and support
  • Is easily accessible through desktop, Web and mobile device
  • With a low cost of ownership it provides all the features of a CRM, delivering best value

Business tools such as Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange® and Office, and popular accounting software, already in use are integrated with the CRM software. The security and accessibility of data is enhanced as the database resides in-house. It is easy to configure Maximizer CRM  Solution for every industry vertical be it Financial Services or Real Estate and Manufacturing.

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